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Unique Porcelain Pottery by Susan Ramey

Add a touch of classic elegance to your stock of housewares with unique pieces from my collection. I create porcelain pottery in my pottery studio in Kingwood, WV. The forms and colors are inspired by the rivers, oceans, and mountains that are an integral part of my life.

I invite you to browse my website or to view my work in person at galleries and shows. Additionally, if you are in the greater Kingwood area, I welcome you to my studio for tours, including demonstrations, by appointment. 

Porcelain Jewelry Box

Contact me to order distinctive porcelain pottery.

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About the Potter

I have a bachelor's in pottery from Ohio State University. I started doing pottery in the 7th grade after I saw an artist perform a demonstration at a fine crafts fair. My parents found a community program for teens, and I started taking lessons there—learning how to throw, make things by hand, little vases, and things of that nature.

I continued studying pottery throughout high school, taking non-degree community courses at the University of Akron, and later studied Fine Arts in Studio Ceramics at The Ohio State University. Initially, I held down a regular job. However, I'd always wanted to be a potter, so in 2005, I left my office position for the pottery studio.

I make a wide range of items, and I especially like making functional things that people can use every day in their life. I make all kinds of sizes—small to extra-large, and I have four or five color lines that I developed. My pieces invoke the colors and textures of the mountains and rivers of Appalachia in which I live and work.

I make casserole dishes, cups, and saucers, plates, bowls, sugar/honey jars, teapots, as well as cremation urns. They're handmade, personally by me, and they're made for the long-term. This is what stands out about what I make.

I work with my patrons to make sure they get the pieces that they want—quantity, size, styles (I can alter the sizes, or add a lid in the case of a vase). My pieces have been bought by customers in Germany, Singapore, India, Hungary, and Australia in addition to the continental US and Alaska.


1st Place Functional Craft

Akron Arts Expo
July 2019

1st Place, Ceramics

Bethesda Row
October 2009


Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

(866) 516-9136

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