Artist's Biography

        I fell in love with pottery in 1973, when I saw a young potter demonstrating at the West Virginia Arts and Crafts Festival in Ripley during one of my annual camping trips with my dad.  Having commented to my parents that it looked like something I would enjoy, they enrolled me in a pottery class at a nearby community arts center in our hometown of Akron, Ohio.  I studied ceramics at various venues throughout Jr. High and High School, culminating my formal studies at The Ohio State University, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, cum laude, in Studio Pottery.
        Following college I lived in West Virginia, Utah and Vermont, guiding whitewater rafting trips, skiing and working in various positions in business offices, preparing me to start a studio thirty years later.  I am devoted to the creation of handmade functional and decorative porcelain for your home or office and invite you to contact me to see more of my work in the studio, galleries featuring my work, and at fine craft shows.

     Inspired by art in everyday life, my high-fired porcelain is fully-functional, from dinnerware that goes into the oven, microwave and dishwasher, to watertight vases for floral displays and my original porcelain jewelry boxes.

     Having grown up studying ballet and music in addition to pottery, I throw each piece individually on a potter's wheel, enjoying the formation of each and every piece of my porcelain pottery, bringing each and every piece to the most perfect form I am able, just as the dancer performs her piroette or the violinist his concerto.

     Artistically inspired by the colors and textures of the mountains and rivers of Appalachia in which I live and work, I follow my love of art in everyday life, designing and creating pieces to look and feel wonderful.  I hope that people will eat, drink and serve from my porcelain, finding delight not only in the visual and tactile beauty of the pieces I create, but also in the personal connection to me as an artist.

     From my hands to yours!

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